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bullet_list.gif ASL Consulting LTD was founded in 1988 as an independent Information and Communications Technology services corporation for the purpose of providing engineering and support for LAN/WAN integration, management and security.
It is a highly motivated business dedicated to providing professional business solutions for our customers. 

bullet_list.gif ASL provides quality engineering and support for computer networking, data communications and the automation needs of any sized firm. 

bullet_list.gif We work in partnership with clients to provide expert advice, reliable solutions, and unrivalled responsiveness every hour of the day. 

bullet_list.gif We can design an efficient network solution that will meet your requirements, or redesign an existing network to be upgraded and enhanced. We can recommend the best ICT solution for your needs.
bullet_list.gif As experts in the installaion and administration of Novell, Cisco, IBM, UNIX and Windows networks, we have designed and implemented many diverse and complex networking solutions. 

bullet_list.gif We believe strongly that the success of a business lies in its ability to effectively access and utilize information through a well-designed and implemented business information system. 

bullet_list.gif Business sectors: 
arrow.gif Banking and Finance
arrow.gif Construction and Real Estate
arrow.gif Insurance
arrow.gif Healthcare
arrow.gif Investment Banking
arrow.gif Manufacturing
arrow.gif Pharmaceutical
arrow.gif Telecommunications
arrow.gif Transportation
arrow.gif Utilities

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